1. Name: 

The name of the Society shall be the Pentagon Local History Society

2. Aims:

The Society's aims are:

  • to encourage and develop an interest in local history by making it accessible to the community of Elston and other surrounding villages,
  • to promote and foster a general appreciation of history for its own sake.

3. Membership:

  • Membership of the Society shall be all the members of the Pentagon Local History Society.
  • The Society shall not refuse an application for membership on the grounds of race, place of origin, sex, sexual orientation, caste, religion, or political views or on any other grounds that it may deem discriminatory in the future.
  • However, the Society may expel any member for behaviour likely to bring the Society into disrepute.
  • All members shall have full voting rights at the Society’s Annual General Meetings.

4. The General Body:

The General Body shall comprise all members of the Society. It will have full voting rights in the election of a Committee at the Annual General  Meeting. If any member of the General Body has any concern pertaining to the functioning of the Society or constitutional amendments, the issue should be put forward to the Secretary in writing. The Secretary will discuss the issue in a meeting of the Committee, within a reasonable time.

5. The Committee:

  • The Committee shall be elected by the General Body during the Society’s Annual General Meeting. 
  • The General Body shall also appoint the following principal office holders:

The Chairman :

  • shall chair meetings and events,
  • shall have responsibility for the direction and general oversight of the Society’s activities.