Forthcoming talks are advertised in the Parish Magazine by the Secretary.

Development of the Society

The format gained popular support in the villages and membership increased from around 25 to about 50 between1990 and 2003 -- a peak which hasn’t been achieved since -- making the Pentagon one of the most successful voluntary organisations in the five villages. Unfortunately at this time, declining health obliged Harry James to resign the Chair and Eric Ellis, the former Secretary, took his place ; Derek Cartledge took over as Secretary, assisted by Stan Firth : Ann Sankey had superseded Bill Harris as Treasurer some few years before.  At the 2005 AGM Eric and Derek stood down and Sam Rabjohn was elected Chairman and Stan Firth as Secretary : Ann Sankey remained as Treasurer. Representative members of the Committee were Jean Hopkinson (Elston), Doug Arnold (Shelton), and Jim Livingston (Sibthorpe). There were no current representatives from Syerston or East Stoke. Sadly, Harry James died in August 2007 and Eric Ellis in June 2008.

The Society Today

In recent years the Society has struggled with declining numbers due largely to the high average age of the membership. Those who have drifted away have only been partly replaced by newcomers, largely to Elston. Over the same period the cost of speakers had steadily risen while the subscription rates had not kept pace. The Committee has wrestled with the problem of how to increase interest and membership without deterring existing members, but the loyalty of long standing members has withstood the small increases in subscription rates and entry charges that have been necessary.

When Graham Firth retired as Rector his successor acquired three other parishes -- Flawborough, Kilvington with Alverton and Staunton – but so far this has not resulted in any increase in membership, a matter for which the Committee has yet to find a remedy. The Committee decided that no change should be made to the name of the Society, to reflect the enlargement, as the name Pentagon was now well embedded, and to change it might be counterproductive.

For the benefit of newcomers, however, the suffix "Local History Society" was added and a Tudor rose emblem, five sided and reflecting the link with the Battle of Stoke Field, was adopted as a logo and used to adorn the new style programme cards handed out at the September meeting.