2018 / 2019 Programme

Wednesday 26th SEPTEMBER

Peter Wynne-Thomas
Cricketing Memories and Experiences

Wednesday 24th OCTOBER

Floss Newman
Being the Warden of Newark Castle

Sunday 11th NOVEMBER                                   

5pm in  the Village Hall                                                                             
Dave Sankey
.......to End All Wars    -  The Sights and Sounds of the Trenches                                                                                                        

Wednesday 28th NOVEMBER

Tracey Akehurst
Once Upon a Time at Christmas

Friday 4th JANUARY   (subs due)                      

Well Versed
Christmas Party

Wednesday 23rd JANUARY

Jean Williamson
A 1950's Childhood

Wednesday 27th FEBRUARY

Stephen Flinders
Terror from the Skies

Wednesday 27th MARCH

John Beckett
The Sutton Bonnington Escape

Wednesday 24th APRIL

AGM followed by
Stephen Walker
Child Labour in the Robinson Mill

MAY,JUNE,JULY meetings tba. 

No meeting in AUGUST


Wednesday 24th SEPTEMBER
Ian Morgan
Footpads, Kings, and Highwaymen on the A1

Wednesday 25th SEPTEMBER

Christopher King
The Old Houses of Southwell      :donation